Crystal report shows a blank page in

Sometimes web page shows blank page although it is consist of Crystal report viewer.

Cause of Problem

  • Using client tools (debug window of your browser) or server tool (IIS log) you will find that some files (crv.js , style.css ) are not served;
  • these files are placed by CR installer in wwwroot\aspnet_client folder but they cannot be reached;
  • If you installed your application in a website different from Default WebSiteaspnet_clientfolder is not placed inside that website

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Using Crystal Report in MVC and creating generic report viewer

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This article describes how to show crystal report in MVC.
Here I will describe two different ways for showing crystal report in MVC.
1. Showing crystal report using web forms in MVC.
    A. In same window
    B. In different window
2. Showing crystal report from Controller/action (by generating PDF on fly).
    A. In same window
    B. In different window

Later I will describe how to create a generic/ common report viewer web form and generic/ common report viewer Controller class, which will be used for showing any Crystal report (with/ without data).

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The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached

This is very common error (“maximum report processing jobs limit”) when crystal report printing job limit over

We can solve this problem using two way:
1. Need to write following code on CrystalReportViewer Unload event
a. Perform reportDocument Deispose
b.Perform reportDocument Clone
c.Perform reportDocument Close
d. Perform CrystalReportViewer Dispose

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