Convert your Data Transfer Object to XML (XML Serialization and Deserialization)

When we need to transfer our object through internet or need to write in a file then it is necessary to convert it to XML. We can convert object to XML using XML Serialization. In this article we will discuss about how to convert object (It may be entity/ Data Container/ DTO) to XML.

Here we will use XML Serialization & Deserialization for converting our object to XML and XML to Object.

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Run your Application without IIS. (using Cassini)

It is easy to run your web application without installing any web server. For running your application without IIS you have to use Cassini Desktop Adapter.

    Features of Cassini Desktop Adapter

* Standalone Web Applications – now on the Desktop
* 100% Embedded Web server
* No Installation or GAC Required
* No Administrator Privileges Required
* No XML / Configuration Files
* Cassini On-Demand

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