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Hi I am Mohammad Hasibul Haque an application developer. Now I am working as a Sr. Software Engineer(.net) at SELISE. Here I am working for E-governance solution. I am dedicated to Microsoft .NET based application development.

I am very much fan of Microsoft. Always want to learn new things & new technologies..

I am Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD ASP.net .net 3.5) and also achieved Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011 from Microsoft.

My Skills:
ASP.net, ASP.net MVC, C#.net, CQRS, DDD, Event Sourcing, NService Bus, Firebase,  Visual Web GUI, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, Crystal Report, Enterprise Application Development, Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, ALM etc.


Email: hasibul2363 at gmail dot com | Facebook | Twitter: hasibul2363 | LinkedIn.

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Hasibul Haque


  • Gregory White

    Hi Hasibul

    I have been following your excellent article on MVC3 Json Master Detail. I have taken most of your code and modified it slightly for an invoice application I am trying to build. However, I am getting an error on the POST of the form and I cannot see where the problem is. Could you help me please? Thanks

  • Sonu

    Hello – I followed your code for Kendo Grid however I am not able to capture the tow items. All I want is when you drg the items I should be able to capture any item name to the drop area by using the code below:

    drop: function (e) {

    var grid = $(“#grid”).data(“kendoGrid”);

    var selected = grid.select(),
    item = grid.dataItem(selected);
    alert(‘Hello’ + item.sent);
    // it is not working..


    Any help would be great.

    • hasibul2363

      Sorry i didn’t implement any example for dragging column in kendo Grid in my post. I didn’t work with column dragging. I need to check or study first to response your comment.

      By the by thanks for reading my post.

  • Shishir Das

    i am using SAP Crystal Report 13. Everything working perfectly but if i set an image as logo in my report it do not display. i user Web.config according to you have posted. I am tired to fixed it. please help me.