Crystal Report Error: BOBJ is undefined

Last day i faced a problem with Crystal Report. It shows BOBJ is undefined.

When i run my application using IE then it shows Java Script Error and the error is

“BOBJ is undefined”. When i run my application using Fire fox then it doesn’t shows any crystal report.

So here is solution:
After installing Crystal Report you well get something like

Under both folder you will find “crystalreportviewers13” folder which is associated with your crystal report version.Copy crystalreportviewers13 folder.

then go to following directory

If ASP.NETClientFiles is not exists then create new folder with name “ASP.NETClientFiles”

Then past crystalreportviewers13 on both directory.

Hope this will solve the problem

  • rohit mak

    I tried, it was no effect..plz help me….struggling from days…

    • hasibul2363

      still are you getting same error or another error?

      • rohit mak

        hi there,

        im using vs2012 in it i have installed crystal report 11 and sap crystal report 13
        now i followed all the steps given to add in web.config.

        i just added crystal report viewer in page and using in mvc3

        then when page loading im getting error…

        • hasibul2363

          can u share your error.
          what crystal report version you have installed. like 13.0.6.exe or something like that