Run your Application without IIS. (using Cassini)

It is easy to run your web application without installing any web server. For running your application without IIS you have to use Cassini Desktop Adapter.

    Features of Cassini Desktop Adapter

* Standalone Web Applications – now on the Desktop
* 100% Embedded Web server
* No Installation or GAC Required
* No Administrator Privileges Required
* No XML / Configuration Files
* Cassini On-Demand

Download Link
Download Cassini

After Extracting above zip file you will find a folder named “Standalone.Simple”
It has following sub directory

Now do following steps
–> Just put you web application on webApp folder
–> Copy UltiDevCassiniHttpRequestProcessor2.0.dll from Cassini folder
–> Now past it your bin folder
–> Now run Standalone.Simple.bat file (It will create virtual web server)

Now your application is running without IIS It also support VWG application.

Above download link was broken. Cassini Desktop Adapter no longer available on above link. Now you can get Cassini from below link