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How to fix Certificate Disappearing problem in IIS

How to fix Certificate Disappearing problem in IIS 7 or later. Certificate is not showing in IIS. certificate disappear Background I am considering you already created Certificate Request (CSR) using IIS and got certificate from your certificate provider and also added .p7b file to your Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Problem description When user performs Complete […]

Sample MVC 4 project showing how to perform search or filter from collection of data (requested by folk)

Download Sample project from following link (Project Type: VS 2012 MVC4) One of my folk requested to me to make a sample project on MVC to show how to filter record from table. Here is the request from him; Search by (LastName, FirstName, etc.. this value should be in a dropdown) —- […]

Kendo Grid in Action

Download – 5.5 MB Content Introduction Background Where we use grid/table Before Starting with Kendo Grid Kendo Grid in Action Applying Kendo Grid on existing HTML Table Paging, sorting, filtering using Kendo Grid Resizing Kendo Grid Creating grid from JSON Data Rebind Kendo Grid with JSON Data Adding new row to Kendo Grid Getting […]

Cannot ALTER TABLE in MS SQL 2008/SQL2008 R2/SQL2012

Cannot ALTER TABLE in MS SQL After installing ms sql 2008/2012 you may face new problem which may protect you to alter any table. Something like following There is a new option added in SQL Server 2008/2012 for modifying tables while using the Table Designed in Management Studio which will prevent saving any changes to […]

A curry of Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP), Inversion of Control (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI) and IoC Container

A curry of Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP), Inversion of Control (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI) and IoC Container using C#. Dependency injection using C#. Inversion of control using C#. IoC using C#. Download sample – 77 KB Introduction Background Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) Let’s try to understand DIP with some example Problems we will face if […]

Delegate in C#

Delegate in C# I am not going to write formal definition here because you will find lots of definition of delegate by googling. Most of the time, new developer faces problem with delegate. They think actually what it is and why they use it instead of method. In simple word: What is Delegate? Delegate is […]

Crystal report shows a blank page in

Sometimes web page shows blank page although it is consist of Crystal report viewer. Cause of Problem Using client tools (debug window of your browser) or server tool (IIS log) you will find that some files (crv.js , style.css ) are not served; these files are placed by CR installer in wwwrootaspnet_client folder but they cannot be reached; If you installed your application in a website […]